Art Gallery "Trap"

Began it activity in 2009, at the moment when the age makes us watch the human everted “alter ego”. Does the word “human” really sound proud or maybe exactly upside- down – his ugly dimension has made the Society Crisis and coming personal fatalities? Modern art is looking and with it techniques analyze this world’ flow. All this we can see well in gallery “Slazds” watching age-eaten nudes, human and mechanism grow together in surreal combinations with it’s beauty and organic incompatibility. The art gallery openly demonstrates artists’ experiments, the way the modern art is moving. In gallery’s web site you will find all the participants of this affair and the all masterpieces of the collection.

"Trap" offers it visitors to make the acquaintance with Latvian modern art expressions. Applied art lovers will find masterpieces of the best Latvian ceramists, jewelers, stained glass and wood artists. The gallery specializes only in the originals, it is very “old-fashioned” - you will not have to investigate the watercolors paintings and canvas; you will not find any prints here.

You will find paintings, graphics and sculptures in our gallery.

There are latvian painters' works: figurative compositions and landscapes; modern mixed technic graphics, sculptures from different materials.

Latvian glass, porcelain, jewelry artists offers:

Stained glass, different jewellery, porcelain cups, vases, ashtrays, plates, bells, metal objects, latvian traditional jewellery: rings, beads, bracelets, pendants, necklaces, brooches.

Almost all the art works are in the e-shop.

You can see more in our gallery in Riga, Aldaru 12/14.